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Rad Steven

"Option to Live"
A short story

     Kaizer was a call boy. He had been one ever since he realized that there was nothing else he could do to earn money and live. He didn't want to beg, and he didn't want to dig in garbages for food. He was kicked out of the only home he knew by the only mother and father he knew when he told them he was gay. One night, he waited for someone to pick him up. It was a "slow" night, and it irritated him because his birthday was coming up and he still didn't have any cash. A black Camry stopped in front of him, and the man promised to pay the price he wanted and much more. The man promised him a new option to live. Would he let his doubts get in the way?
"Suprise Date"
A short story

     Dustin, Adam, and James had always been a trio. Dustin and James were gay, and both of them knew about each other. In fact, they fooled around some. However, they were never able to have anything romantic between them. During a dare on Dustin's birthday party, he finds himself having a crush on Adam who was dancing his clothes off for them. Dustin asks James to set up a blind date for Adam and him, but he didn't know that James also has something up his sleeve.

"Fixing a Broken Heart"
One chapter posted

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