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    That picture of me below ... it was taken the summer just after I'd had the worst hair-cut of my life. It really doesn't suit me having it short at the front and a ponytail at the back... I was in a ditch at the time on one of those idiotic Round Square projects, hence the greenery ... for more about me (boxers or briefs), click here.

Author Dean Lidster

"The Midlands of Nowhere"
Author's note: These stories are part of an ongoing work entitled "Midlands of Nowhere" - it is strongly recommended that you read these parts in order as presented. Thank you!



This story includes sections depicting sexual acts between two minor boys - if you are of an age or in a position where it is illegal immoral / generally naughty in your state / country / orbital position / household to read (or even consider reading) such material, then please STOP READING NOW! You will (probably) also find a key marked "DELETE" conveniently located on your keyboard...

If you are like me and classed as a minor, I personally have no problems with you reading this. Your parents / guardians / party-poopers may have, though - "UNDER 18s MAKE SURE YOUR PARENTS AREN'T HOME BEFORE READING!".

I would also like to say that I have nothing whatsoever to do with Isaac, Taylor, Zachary or any other Hanson, Mercury Records, PolyGram, Bread 'n' Jam music, their licensees or lawyers - at least not yet! I have the highest respect for these three lads and do not wish to do ANYTHING whatsoever to damage their images or careers - I like what they do and want them to keep on doing it!

Finally, I would like to say that I just have an over-active imagination and that is the ONLY place any of this ever happened, OK? You can believe otherwise if you wish, but take my word for it - I'm not that lucky ;)

"A Date with Taylor Hanson"
A Date with Taylor Hanson by Dean Lidster
Part One of Midlands of Nowhere
    My first story - how I met Tay on the Eurostar and the relationship that developed.
A complete story in 13 Chapters (13,767 words)
First Published 6 January 1998

"Touring with Hanson"
Touring with Hanson by Dean Lidster
Part Two of Midlands of Nowhere
    Somehow I end up being whisked along with the Hanson Trio on the English leg of their tour. Mix in one of my friends and you have a recipe for moderate chaos ...
A complete story in 18 Chapters
First Published 15 February 1998

"Zac and Mac"
Zac and Mac by Dean Lidster
Part Three of Midlands of Nowhere
    I may as well say that chronologically this happens after Hanson have returned from the UK in "Touring with Hanson", but before they go back in "The Exchange" - Christmas time, I suppose...
A complete story in 1 Chapter (3,204 words)
First Published 23 February 1998

"The Exchange"
The Exchange by Dean Lidster
Part Four of Midlands of Nowhere
    Hanson in an English Public School? Good Lord ...
A complete story in 34 Chapters
First Published 6 April 1999

"Better Than a Dream"
Better Than a Dream - Lee
Part Five of Midlands of Nowhere
    The story, when it concerns the relationship between myself and Lee, is very nearly true-to-life, however everything else took place in my mind only (unfortunately!)
A uncomplete story in 4 Chapters (17,361 words)
First Published 3 June 1999

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All stories are Copyright © 1998-1999 by Dean Lidster All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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