The Nineteenth Year by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer    The Nineteenth Year
by Jevic
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The Nineteenth Year by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer

Action Adventure
Sexual Situations
Rated Teen 13+

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The real life story that inspired this story had such a profound effect on me that it had to be told. I took real events and weaved them into plot. No real names are used, although the personalities of some of the characters are loosely patterned after people I know.

The horrid things that can happen to innocent children is truly appalling. I can not understand the motivation behind someone who would do the terrible things this story deals with. Keep that in mind as you read. The main character's past really did happen. There are those who choose to turn the other cheek and pretend it isn't real. There are parents out there who actually throw their kids to the street because they choose their narrow minded beliefs over the love of their own child. It makes me soooo mad!! How can anyone do that?

The plot of this story is entirely fiction. I made it up. It's fantasy. But the reality of all is that we have become so dependant on technology, so dependant on computers and the Internet, that we have opened ourselves up to a vulnerability. This story examines that vulnerability and shows what a person with the proper knowledge ... and a twisted mind ... can do.

On a side note ... all the descriptions of places like road names and numbers, airport terminals, jet engines, hospital names, etc are extremely accurate. They were meticulously researched to death. I exchanged emails with people that lived there that could properly describe things to me. It's even accurate down to an airline ticket price ... I booked the flight on-line and did everything but buy the ticket. I thought it might be cool to keep the setting for the plot as accurate as possible. So kinda keep that in the back of your mind as you read.

Like any author, I have relied on past experiences to draw from while writing this story. It is a work of fiction, but based on real fact. My sincerest thanks to the very special person who chose to share his past with me, so I could share it with you. It took a great deal of courage on his part. In the writing process, I felt like I was making him relive the whole thing. He told me that he looked upon it as a cleansing process. Bringing up all those events from the past helps in dealing with their memory.

This story was started on 28 January 2003 and completed on 30 March 2008 with 293 pages with an introduction, eighteen chapters and epilogue with 111,729 total words. Enjoy.

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The Nineteenth Year is Copyright © 2008 by The Tarheel Writer.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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