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"Where Are You Now"
A work in progress
NOTE: Last update 21 September 2015

Just a note - AUSTSWIM has been Australia’s national organisation for the teaching of Swimming and Water Safety since 1979. In that time, they have trained over 360,000 Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety and continue to train around 13,000 candidates annually.
     The story is loosely based on events from my life. I have gone and changed the names of the folks involved since it would be really easy for someone from my hometown to figure who and what events I am talking about. I should also tell you that if you are looking for a sex story, you might try other stories. This will eventually have some sex in it, but it will be a while.
     This is my first attempt at posting one of my stories on the net. So please tell me what you think. I appreciate any feedback you may have. You can write to me at

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