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    These stories are about innocent young boys who suddenly find themselves in situations NO ONE wants to find themselves in. You may find reading these stories to be disturbing and upsetting. You may find yourself unable to control your emotions. You'll be disgusted, radically pissed and intensly moved by these stories.

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    My life ... my purpose ... my thoughts ... my very hard core beliefs were REALIGNED by these stories. Please believe me in what I say ... these stories, although written as fiction, reflect real life. YES, this kind of stuff really goes on. So read and gain knowledge ... for in knowledge, there is power!
    I do not say this lightly, for one of my best and closest friends experienced first hand the evil that can be found in some men. The Internet is a wonderful place, but it's like a walk in the park ... there are good people there and ... there are evil people there as well. Be warned. Be informed. Be careful.
    One final note ... read "The Nineteenth Year" if you want insight into the REAL feelings that go with REAL LIFE. Every single thing that happened in Daniel's past is absolutely true. I painstakenly extracted the details, the emotion, the despiration, the hopelessness, the loss, the humiliation and the facts from the person it all happened to. I am forever indebted to him for sharing those painful memories.

"The Gift"
by Graeme
Link verified to on 23 July 2023
Not Rated
High School
1 Chapter
Completed December 2004
Added 27 July 2028 (archived-html)
     This story deals with suicide and it deals with the unconditional love every parent should have for their child. Graeme is a prolific author from down under ... Australia. But ya know what, it doesn't matter where you live on this planet, if your parents reject you because you're gay (or any other reason for that matter), you're left wondering about your own self-worth. Suicide is sadly often the answer chosen.


"Little Secrets, Little Lies"
by Keith Morrisette
Little Secrets, Little Lies by Keith Morissette
Link verified to on 24 July 2023
Not Rated
12 Chapters
Completed 2003
Added 27 July 2018
     Welcome to the story of Marc Wildon and Drew McKinnon ... who will always owe whatever they might have together to a small, non-descript and quiet young man with an iron will and a lion’s heart.


"Now I Know I'm Not Alone"
by Dimi and Joey
Link verified to on 24 July 2023
Not Rated
High School
28 Chapters
Last Updated 10 August 2006 - This story will probably not be updated, but read it as it is!
Originally completed 7 March 2004, this story is being updated ...
    After reading this story, I sent an email to the person who in real life is Daniel in "The Nineteenth Year" ... here's what I said ...
    This story is very powerful and it has to do with your past ... I won't kid you ... I thought of you as I read it. I have hesitated in telling you about it ... but I just couldn't NOT tell you ... be warned ... this story will hit "close to home" ... I tell you about it because I haven't read anything like it before.
    You told me about a young boy who became your "friend" way back when ... "The Wednesday Boy" is about a boy like that ... this story is about a boy that was on the other side of the fence ...
    I hope that this story will help in your "healing" process. I kid you not ... I sat here last night and balled my eyes out. Not just tears rolling down my cheeks ... I'm talking about gut wrenching uncontrolable sobs of pure sorrow and grief that went on for at least a half hour ....
    Perhaps by reading this story you can realize that you are not unique ... that what happened to you happened to other boys. The guilt that is hidden within you is not your's alone ... it is shared by others that have the same feelings. Why do I seem to just know this after reading a couple of stories? Cause the feelings of the characters in these stories are the same ones I got from you.


"The Wednesday Boy"
by Keith Morrisette
The Wednesday Boy by Keith Morrisette
Link verified to on 24 July 2023
Not Rated
High School
14 Chapters
NOTE: Last Updated 3 September 2004 - This story will probably not be updated, but read it as it is!
    David Sciuoto led a charmed life - David had looks, a family with money, a good heart and a sweet personality to match. And just when you thought God might have mercy on the rest of us, he had brains on top off all that.
    Even better, David had no problem with his sexuality and liked having Chris St. Jacques for a best friend even if he was a klutz. And David didn't care if skinny little Alan Curran didn't exactly measure up with the GQ standards of what a boyfriend should look like.
    Not everything was perfect though, and no one knew about his problems at home.
    Complicating that, something in David's past left him with a secret shame, and it was something he never told anyone about even though down deep he knew he should have spoken up.
    Then one day it came back to haunt him, when lonely fourteen-year-old Martin Seduko stumbled into the same trap thanks to David's old friend, Danny Doucette.
    A Note from Keith - This story deals with the subject of pedophilia, a topic many find disturbing. Although sexual activity between minors and/or adults is frankly referred to, recorded and discussed, it is not encouraged or portrayed in graphic detail. This is in no way a 'boy-love' story that portrays the molestation of children in a positive manner. ~~~K. Morrisette
    Keith's book, "The Boyfriend," is available at Amazon

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