The Gulf and the Horizon by Rick Beck   
The Gulf and the Horizon
Part Four of The Gulf Series
The Story of Ivan and Clay
by Rick Beck

Edited by Jerry
Always for David

Young Adult
Sexual Situations

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting - Enough is Enough
    The Gulf series is dedicated to the young men and women of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland Florida. You are the tip of the spear piercing the shield the demagogues hide behind. Courage, with poise, while under fire, creates legend. Thanks for standing up to be counted.

Thank you Jerry for your contribution to the Gulf series, and for your years of making my stories easier to read. Without your astute observations, there may not have been Gulf 3, and now, Gulf 4 joins Gulf 1, 2 and 3.

This is and always will be, for David



Note: It is suggested the reader start with book one in order to immerse oneself in the entire experience.

"The Horizon"

Chapter 1
"Things in Motion"

Chapter 2
"Minds Meeting"

Chapter 3
"Going, Going, Gone"

Chapter 4
"Francis Ford Coppola"

Chapter 5
"To Shoot"

Chapter 6

Chapter 7
"To Dive"

Chapter 8
"To Go"

Chapter 9
"To Fly"

Chapter 10

Chapter 11
"The Wilderness"

Chapter 12
"At Sea"

Chapter 13
"Engines Three & Four"

Chapter 14
"Seeing The Sea"

Chapter 15
"Pat Hand"

Chapter 16
"Power Gods"

Chapter 17
"The Wait"

Chapter 18
"Surfin USA"

Chapter 19
"Striking A Chord"

Chapter 20
"Back At The Cove"

Chapter 21

Chapter 22
"Work-A-Day World"

Chapter 23

Chapter 24
"You Are My Sunshine"

Chapter 25

Chapter 26
"It's About Time"

Chapter 27
"All Tangled Up"

Chapter 28

Chapter 29
"Home Sweet Home"

Chapter 30
"Wrapping Up"

Chapter 31
"No Place Like Home"

Chapter 32
"I'm Home"

Chapter 33
"The Epilogue"

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